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Welcome to Patriot

The Patriot Program of PRS is a Veteran/Military residential treatment program specifically designed to meet the issues and needs associated with Military Service. The Patriot staff understands that you are experiencing difficulties that are impeding your life activities, your ability to be productive, and being positive in all areas of life. The primary goal of our program is to ensure a safe, secure environment for reintegration into family, community, military units, and spirituality.

We believe that every client has an opportunity to thrive and live a prosperous life, one that is free of substance abuse.  Seeking treatment in the Patriot Program is a choice that you have in order to take back your life.  When we named this program, it was with you in mind, the Veteran.  You served your country with honor and so Patriot was created to help give back to you. 


The mission of Patriot is to provide the most modern, evidence-based treatment modalities available to evaluate and treat military specific issues commonly experienced by service members such as chemical dependency, psychiatric, and/or co-occurring disorders related to military service/combat and understanding day to day life. Our PatriotProgram provides the highest quality of care and treatment at no cost to the Veteran who is experiencing emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and chemical dependency issues. 

Patriot contains many components of treatment for our Patriot Veterans. We pride ourselves on the foundation of recovery. In addition, our goal is to listen and create a personalized program to provide achievable goals and healthy living solutions that offer our clients a pathway to living a healthier and happier life.  Most importantly, PRS wants to thank you for your service to our country and for honoring us by allowing us to be a part of your journey; we look forward to learning more about you.


To provide a recovery-oriented approach to high quality comprehensive treatment for our nation’s heroes. We focus on their individual strengths and giving respect, honor, and hope back in order to facilitate a transition back into their communities, families, and duty. We work to meet the needs of service members and veterans by providing a safe and effective therapeutic environment dedicated exclusively to them.


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